Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Work in Progress

It started out like this. Yellow slimy walls with tiles that had been painted on with some type of slimy paint. Oh and then there was also sticky and slimy brown cabinets.
Notice the crud on the wall. Seriously, this room was so disgusting.
I hated even breathing in there.

Then we removed the tiles and the cabinet fronts/drawers.
It still looked scary but felt much cleaner. :)

After sanding the cabinets down, I decided that I wanted to paint them.
They now match our coffee container! (notice on shelf)

Then I primed the walls. This step took forever since I had to clean them all off first.
It was just completely horrible. I wore plastic gloves!! :)
We still need to decide what we are going to do for a back splash. Maybe tile? Not too sure, but anything will be better that what it was.
We are going to paint the room a bright white to give it the "clean" feeling that I desire so much.
That is actually what we are doing through out the entire house. We just want it fresh.
I also worked on our back porch. I cleaned it twice with a sponge and bleach and then painted. See the before and after. In person it looks SOOOOO much better. I am very happy with how it turned out. There is nothing better than your morning coffee on a nice white porch with the trees and birdies all around.



Anonymous said...

Michele and Dan,

Looks great! When I am home for a substantial amount of time I would like to come by and visit.....maybe you all can give me some pointers when I finally find a place. Take care and see you both on Saturday.


Lady said...

I LOVE the red and white. Can't wait to see what you do for the back splash.

mom v said...

Michele and Dan,

I love the way everything is coming out. I think this color looks like cranberry. Is that correct or is just the way it looks on line?

The porch looks clean and therefore you can relax on it. How fun is all of this? Okay the work is difficult, but the results are wonderful.