Friday, June 15, 2007

Play time for Quinny!

This Wednesday, Quinn and I went to watch/visit with my nieces and nephew while my sis in-law had a dr appt. Boy oh Boy did we have fun. I took some pictures of 3 of the 4 little cuties with Quinn. Zoey (2) was taking a nap at the time. While up there (Lancaster, PA) there was a big storm so NO PLAYING OUTSIDE and the power went out! oh no!!!

We still had a lot of fun and luckily we popped some popcorn right before the power went out :)

This is Jordan, Michaela and Quinny

Isn't Michaela just so pretty?

This is Breanna. She is so happy to have that entire bowl of popcorn to herself! hahaha

I just have the most beautiful nieces and nephew. They are so fun too.

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Lady said...

So you were in Lancaster and didn't even call? We would have come by to say hi. Add to the chaos. Glad you had fun, very cute kids!