Wednesday, June 6, 2007

More Home Improvements!

I tell you, Dan and I have been doing SO much work. The kitchen used to look like this. It had ulgy slimy painted tiles all over. It also had leaky pipes and a broken garbage disposal.

I broke away all of the tiles.
Dan ran new pipes from the main to the kitchen sink,
put in a new faucet and then replaced the disposal! HARD WORK!

We also painted the downstairs tiny half bath and installed a new light. The paint in the old bath was is HORRIBLE condition with who knows what all over it. Dan picked out the light.


With Primer

After with new light


Lady said...

Sure is looking good. I love seeing everything come together. The before and after pictures are great. Keep up the good work.

Mom VS said...

You guys are amazing. I am so proud of you both. It is great to see the fruits of your labor. Can't wait to actually experience the new and improved Ondra house!