Friday, January 7, 2011

The Missing Piece

Our Gilbert left us the day after Thanksgiving.
He is missed around here so much.
He was sometimes aggressive and sometimes a jerk, but he was OUR cat.
His strong-willed yet loving personality fit in with our little family so much.


emlizalmo said...

Sweet Gilbert.

Mom V said...

I am so sorry for the loss of Gilbert. I agree that he was a pistol but he was a part of the Ondra family. I know that you all loved him and gave him care that most would not have done. I happen to believe that we will all be able to enjoy Gilbert again when we join him in heaven. I know my heaven can't be complete without my 4 legged family members.

mj said...

This post made me cry.It is so hard to loose a pet.I never even saw the little thing. Will you get a new one?

Valerie Robbins said...

It made me cry too. Especially the second to last picture with Quinn :(