Friday, January 7, 2011


This is my Christmas- in photos.
It started with Quinn rushing to bed super early because we told her that Santa skips houses where the children are still awake. She even started crying when Dan was taking FOREVER to read her his book. It was so cute!
This is Christmas morning. She came down the stairs and saw all of her loot. She did notice that Santa had the same wrapping paper that we had... hmm. next year I need to change that.
Pico Bird might just be her favorite present. He has pretty much gone everywhere with her everyday since.
Opening MORE presents at Great Grandma/Grandpa Temple's!
Notice how even GG loves Pico Bird!
ready and waiting to chow down on some yummy food!
Pico and Quinn were on a mission to find something uber important :)
Then we went to Dad and Annette's and Grandma Carol was there too. Quinn LOVED her new Tinkerbell toy.
Look at this happy girl in these new jammies!


emlizalmo said...

What a DAY for that sweet little girl! I think 3- 7 or 8 is the BEST for Christmas! They love it. I especially love her trying to hurry Dan through his story! SO cute!

Mom V said...

I love these pictures. She is so darn cute. My favorites are the coming down the stairs, hunting with pico bird and new jammies. I can't decide which to use as my computer background. This is such a wonderful age!

mj said...

Love, love ,love this. The last one is one of the cutest I have ever seen.