Thursday, July 15, 2010

Fenwick Island- my pictures

While at the beach house, we had so much fun. We all made so many fun memories while there. Even though Dan could only be there a few days, he still was able to build sand castles on the beach with Quinn one day and on another day go for a 50 mile ride.
Here are some of my favorite pictures that I took from the vacation!

Uncle Richie went on a bunch of rides with Quinny. He is SUCH a good sport!

Annie caught crabs with anything- sometimes just with her bare hands!

Quinn was this happy pretty much the whole week.

Amy was sunburned and trying to stay in the tiny amount of shade that our broken umbrella provided! :)

Gavin loved the water! He was such a joy to be around.

Quinn made so many memories playing with her cousins.

They were so adorable together.

and they practically lived in dress ups the entire week.

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mj said...

I love these pictures !! The little girls were so darling together.Do you by any chance habe a picture of the houses ?