Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Quinn's Pictures

Quinn got a digital camera from Santa this year.

She has taken 100s of pictures. Unfortunately, most of them are so dark and blurry that we can't tell what it is. She pushes down on the button so hard that she grunts a little and her fingers shake! With that being said- here is her first gallery!
Kitchen Wall

Daddy - being silly

and PopPop

Interchangeable dressing teddy magnets

and a close up of Grumpy Bear

Momma cooking with Gilbert watching

Momma- when she had pink eye!

Momma doing the dishes

Daddy's 'tar
Surprise Attack on Momma
Daddy's foot

Surprise attack on Daddy


Mom V said...

Quinn has the general idea now she just needs more practice. Why don't you print a fwe out and put them in a collage frome for me for my birthday or Christmas? That will be neat.

Tell Quinn to keep up the good work!

emlizalmo said...

She is an artist! :) SO cute.

Anonymous said...

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Valerie Robbins said...

So cute!