Monday, February 1, 2010


Yesterday we all went to Uncle Richie's house to celebrate my Dad's 53rd birthday. We had a great time- for some reason I didn't take any pictures though :(

On the way home Quinn and I were talking about how when she is fully potty trained she will be able to go to "dance school". This has worked as an incentive many times before. We talk about all of the cute dresses and shoes that she might wear. We discuss how she will wear her hair and meet new little friends.

This time was different though. When I told Quinn yesterday about dance school she was quiet.

Then she asked me in a super shy voice if she could go to "rock and roll school".
I asked her to repeat what she said and she replied that she "wanted to learn to play a 'tar ".

I almost started to cry. I know it might not seem like a lot but I LOVE seeing what Quinn wants to do, what her interests are. I love that she was nervous to ask to do something other than what I though she wanted- but still did. She has her own interests and wants to express herself.

Dan and I are already looking into getting her a little 'tar of her own. For a while Dan can teach her. He is so talented and it will be a fun activity for them. Plus, this way we can see exactly how interested she is in learning- after all, she is only 3


Mom V said...

My guess is that she will still have to be completely potty trained before she gets to go to Rock and Roll school to lear to play the 'tar

Quinn is wonderful!

emlizalmo said...

I want to learn to play too. I love everything you said in this post. You adore her, and I just love that!

Christy said...

Oh dear, she is soooo cute!!!!

mj said...

She is so ,so sweet. She wants to do what you want,but also has her own ideas. I love that !!!!