Thursday, January 21, 2010

The Cut

Yesterday was the last straw. I was tired of having issues about brushing her hair or how it was going to be styled each day. I love long hair and all of the options that it offers... but not for a 3 yr old. I told Quinn yesterday that if she didn't stop whining about her hair that we were going to get it cut- and I do not make false threats.




I love the short cut. It is simple and sweet. Quinn looks younger to me now and her cheeks couldn't be any bigger but I love it. This morning when she woke up and rolled out of bed, her hair was still cute! (as in no huge tangle in the back or dreads underneath!!!)


Mom V said...

Shel - I am glad that you are choosing the big battles for things that matter. Hair - not so much. Quinn is such a cutie. She looks a little nervous as she is getting iit cut, but she is back to adorable after!

Can't wait to kiss this little one!

emlizalmo said...

Oh my gosh! I love it! Emily is wanting hers long like Lizzy's right now. So, regretfully, I am saying goodbye to the bob. Hopefully it's only temporary. Bobs are the best. You round brush it after her bath and it will stay for days! She looks perfect!

Valerie Robbins said...

It looks adorable! And of course easier is better!!

mj said...

Love it,love it,love it !!! Yea for no screaming. I think I like it even better than long.mmmm don't kow, long is awfully cute too.

Lady said...

She looks very sophisticated and stylish!! No tangles = happy kids and happy moms.