Saturday, December 5, 2009

The day after. One Long Day

The day after Thanksgiving, we woke up at Dad and Annette's house. We had our second Thanksgiving dinner there and it was delicious! We had a great time hanging out. Quinn just loves Zelda and Zana or as Quinn calls her, "Squirt-muffin".

Then we met up with my Grandma Temple, Rachel, Tracy, and Annie to head over to Ronny's.
It is the Christmas store that we would go to every year and Grandma Temple would give us $5.00 to get whatever our heart desired. I would always get something "lovely" and Rich would get some wierd lights; every year. We have tried to keep us the tradition for Quinn as well. I think that she loves it just as much as Rich and I did. (Dan just thinks that we are strange! hehe)

Quinn was in awe of these Frostys.

Daddy and Quinn loved watching the trainset.

Quinn and Annie spent a lot of time trying to pick out the perfect ornament.
On the way home from Dover to Baltimore, we stopped by NorthEast and visited MomMom and PopPop along with Quinn's cousins.

They have so much fun playing silly games.

Lastly, our cousin Julia came down from Philly to spend the night and hang out the next day!
We went antiquing in Ellicott City. Fun Fun Fun!

Daddy and Quinn were getting a little tired after a while.

Then Daddy found THIS:

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emlizalmo said... guys had an action filled weekend! Yay!