Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas Day

We started the day off by going to Dad's house.
Notice how bummed out Rich looks? He thought that Quinn didn't like his gift. Little did he know that we have HAD to play with them all almost everyday since! hehe. I adore how he tries so hard to find the perfect gift for Quinn.
She loved it and gave him a big Thank You hug!

Quinn got lots of cool gifts from Grandma and Grandpa Von Stetten!

They are such good buddies

Dad is so funny. He must be getting old because he had to be reminded that he wanted a gift. HAH!

Even Zana and Zelda got in on the holiday!
Next we went over to the Temple's house.
Quinn got this ADORABLE princess dress from Valerie. Serious cuteness.
Quinn went around taking pictures with her new camera!
and got even more presents!
We visited with family, played games, and ate lots of yummy food!


Christy said...

So good to see you guys!! Love you all!

emlizalmo said...

Wow! What a day! I love that it gets to be all about Quinn at your dad's before heading over to the chaos of the Temple house. :) LOVE her. The one of Sally and Dad admiring her dress makes me crazy, I love it so much.

Mom V said...

There are some great pictures here. Quinn is definately a little princess that enjoys the spotlight. I wonder where she got that? I can't wait to see you all.

mj said...

Loved having you here for Christmas,I know it is quite a ride and we really appreciate it. How was Dan's snowboarding trip? Thanks also for taking Gpa to the motel. Love you !!

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas! and Happy New Year's! Quinn is adorable and love her long pony!! What beautiful hair. It looks like she was spoiled with gifts and attention! Rich is funny.. he's a good uncle! Great photo of Annette and Quinny :o) I am so happy to hear and see how special and fun the holidays were for your cute family... take care. I miss you.

Rich and Annette said...

What a great time we all had on Christmas. Thank you for making the trek to us. The Z girls love Quinn and the feeling in mutual...We look forward to her sleep over next weekend. Grandpa says to Z girls - Quinny is coming to stay over...so cute.