Friday, May 15, 2009

Funny Things and Updates

Quinn is just so funny right now. She is making up stories. They almost always involve a princess and a snowman :) hehe

She LOVES hockey now too! I might also add that she is a HUGE Penguins fan. This makes my brother happy (he is obsessed with any team from Pittsburgh). The other day Quinn and I were eating dinner and I turned on a game. She saw that the Penguins were playing and she said "oh goody, goody Penguins!" So cute. Then she saw a Penguins player trip a Cap and she clapped her hands and said "oh, that was silly" and started laughing.

We FINALLY got rid of Quinn's bottles. She only had them at night, with water in the them... and most nights, she didn't even touch them. She just felt comforted with them there next to her. Well, enough is enough. So we got her to help us collect them all together to give to the babies that needed them. When she was done putting them all away, Dan took them outside and when he came back in she asked if the babies said thank you.

Quinn's reward for being such a big girl was a pet fish. She got a beta and named him Zzzzs. Not so sure where that name came from but she sure does love him. She talks to him all of the time.
When we first got him Quinn told me that he wanted music. So she brought her chair over to the tank and began to sing to him. Then she jumped up and ran over to her toys and got out her xylophone. The proceeded to pay him a song and sing to him- all smiles.

Quinn likes to whisper- she will talk to you in whispers and when you ask her why she is whispering, she always gets a blank look on her face and then matter-of-factly whispers "I don't know".

Quinn's doctors have finally realized that she has a hard time swallowing thin liquids. She chokes maybe 5-10 times a day while drinking. I have had to keep a "choking diary" for her and finally we have more insight. We are going to have to take her to see a therapist to teach her to swallow. (weird huh??)

We are switching doctors (by choice) for her laryngomalacia /ENT. Her current doctor is the best in the world at what is does, yet he is so busy (and with more pressing cases) that I feel llike we are being put on the back burner. Plus, he keeps on pushing another sleep study for Quinn and well, thats not happening.

Quinn likes to play follow the leader, dance and sing, and anything outside. We are looking forward to the summer -


emlizalmo said...

Thanks for all the updates. It's so great that you are recording all of these darling things Quinn says and does. It will make you SO happy as she gets older to look back and remember. It will make you cry actually, but that's OK, right?

Lisa said...

I was just going to thank you for the updates when I saw that Amy already had. I love hearing what Quinn is doing. It makes me feel like I know her a little better. She is a doll and I'm glad you are enjoying each phase of her life. Love to each of you three.

Jon and Amanda plus 2 said...

Such sweet updates...she sounds like a constant source of entertainment! Alissa loves her beta "Jerry" I'm not surprised Quinn loves hers as well. And what a great EASY, LOW/NO MAINTENENCE pet!

mj said...

This is such a great post. I can see sweet Quinn singing to her fish. What a hoot.Hope your new Dr. is just what you need. Give me a call and we can set a date for you and Quinn to come visit.Love you all.

Mom V said...

I think it is funny that 2 of Quinn's favorite things end up in her stories; Princesses and Snowmen. Hockey is a strange sport for a toddler to enjoy, but I love it too. Richie has another Penguin fan in the family!