Tuesday, May 19, 2009

3 Years!

This is unfortunately the last picture that we took together- like 3 months ago! I need to get on it :)
We weren't allowed to take cameras with us to the concert.

Dan and I celebrated our 3rd anniversary by attending a concert for one of our favorite artists. Leonard Cohen. We just love his music SO MUCH! We were even going to name Quinn "Cohen" if she was a boy! Ok, so you get it... we really like his music. We had Dan's Mom watch Quinn and Dan and I were able to go out to eat before the show. We saw LC at Merriweather post pavilion- which, you guessed it, is outside. We got the cheapest seats possible and just planned on sitting on the lawn like normal. Well, guess what??? It was POURING RAIN the whole time! Cats and Elephants! Dan and I bought ponchos (mine was a lovely shade of Neon Yellow and Dan's was Neon Blue!) to wear. There was NO WAY we were going to let a little rain stop us from seeing LC. After all, he is old and this will most likely be his last tour.

We were completely soaked. Cold and wet. We sat on the tail ends of our fashionable ponchos and snuggled together to try and stay warm-ish.- All while hoping that the river that was underneath of us wouldn't come through our "expensive" plastic clothes. We laughed the whole time. It was simply WONDERFUL!

While reflecting, I completely realized that if I went to the show with anyone besides Dan, I would have complained the whole time and regretted going. Yet with Dan, I had a blast. It for sure will be one Anniversary present/gift/celebration that I will never forget.

I just love how Dan and I can always have the best time doing anything together... no matter the conditions. I know that I couldn't ask for a better husband and best friend. He makes me laugh and relax, smile and feel important. I look forward to just being with him- for the rest of my life! I love who we are, how we act and the little family that we created.


Mom V said...

I am so glad you and Dan had fun celebrating your 3rd anniversary. You are fortunate to have married your best friend! I love you both and enjoy watching your relationship get even stronger.

Brielle said...

Happy 3rd, I am so glad you guys had such a good time.

laurag said...

That's the true sign of love...and you two have definately got it. Happy belated anniversary Michele. We love you 3!

Rich and Annette said...

We are so glad that when we celebrated with you for your anniversary that we didn't have rain. That was so much fun at the Crab Deck, we need to do it again!
So happy that you are in love...it is a wonderful thing!

emlizalmo said...

I think that is what marriage is all about. Having a best pal, someone you adore and love spending time with, even if it's pouring down rain! Happy anniversary. :)

mj said...

How fortunate we are to be married to your best friend. I will always remember how sad you were when Dan left the beach house.

Anonymous said...

happy anniversary! i'm so glad that you have eachother and quinny... what a special family :o)