Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Snowboarding Vacation

These two pictures were on the way to the resort.
Dan and I took a mini vacation to West Virginia. (Snowshoe) I tried to learn how to snowboard. It was a little difficult since it was raining and foggy the whole time that we were there. That is why there aren't any pictures of us on the mountain. We still had a lot of fun and it was such a nice get away. Quinn went and stayed with her MomMom and PopPop. She also had a lot of fun. While I didn't quite get the hang of snowboarding, I only have a few bruises so I think that it was successful!

This was our favorite place to hang out and have our morning coffee. It was so nice and warm and the rain couldn't get to us!

HA, in this picture Dan is looking a little crazy from driving 6 hours, up and down tiny little twisting roads in the rain and fog! heheMy little ham! Can you see her three new teeth on the top??? Love her!


Brielle said...

Good for you guys getting away together. Quinns teeth are so cute. I am not the greatest on the snow board either. I think it is easier to get up when you fall on a snowboard instead of falling on skiis. I guess practice makes perfect.

mom v said...

Quinn has teeth on the top AND she has a bunch of hair. What a sweetie. Love her up!

Sorry the weather didn't cooperate with you and Dan on the snowboard trip. Glad you had fun!

Love you bunches!

Anonymous said...

I'm impressed, I can't ski or snowboard. I think that your vacation sounds like fun. I love her teeth!

A. Reenie said...

I love your bangs Michele, really cute. Glad you had a little away time. I do see her top teeth - she is very proud of them and showing them off.

Lady said...

Quinn couldn't get any cuter!! What a sweetie. I like your bangs too. With that hat on you could be your mothers twin - it's really incredible how much you look alike! Both of you are beautiful of course!