Saturday, December 29, 2007


This is Quinn's first outfit of the day- her nighties

This is Quinn's Christmas outfit- my favorite sweater of her.
Yes, she is playing with a UFC DVD. haha
Here she is climbing

Quinn playing with her Great Grandpa!
(in her 3rd outfit of the day and hair pulled out and I am sure with food in it.
She likes to pull her hair when she is feeding herself. nice) Quinn and her Aunt Tracy
This was Quinn's 2nd Christmas and boy oh boy she loved it. Last Christmas she was pretty out of it and had no idea what was going on, but this Christmas she had so much fun. We watched Christmas movies and opened gifts. My Mom came up to visit so Quinn had a living play toy for the week too :) Quinn opened her gifts and got all toys... all toys that light up and make lots of noise... yippy for her but not so great for me. She likes to sit with all of her toys in a circle and play them all at the same time. Then she dances to the lovely collection of sound and claps a few times. Very cute (the first few times anyway) :) She is now SO VERY active. She loves to crawl everywhere and pull herself up to stand. She is also cruising on the couches which is so great. For PT we now have to work on squating. ok, do you know how hard it is to make a little kid squat??? yeah, not so easy but we are working on it. Squating will help Quinn build muscle so that she will be strong enough to walk. She has low muscle tone and well, likes to be balled up or cuddling with people but not exercising. Her therapist is VERY PLEASED with how Quinn is developing and well, I couldn't be happier.

Anyway, back to Christmas...

Dan, Quinn, my Mom and myself went to Dover and ate dinner with my Grandpa, Tracy, Lisa, Rachel, Rich and a bunch of other family. Sally has accepted Dan into the family too. She smacked him a few times and while he was a little scared, that just means that she likes you. (For those that don't know, Sally is my Aunt that is mentally handicapped and deaf.) Sally also remembered Quinn and her name. She signed it Q-u-n-n but that is close enough!!! Then we went over to visit with Dad and Annette for a little bit. It was a lot of fun but a rather short visit. We are going back to their house this weekend to do the "real Christmas". It is hard to be with everyone that you love on such a special day. Oh, and Quinn LOVES all of the toys that her Uncle Rich got her. He is the connoisseur of toddler toys. HA

So my Mom will kill me for posting this picture but it is so cute, I couldn't resist!
Nap time for the young and old! ha

She LOVES this phone!

Anyway, I will post more pictures after this weekend with Dad and Annette!


Amanda said...

Boy Quinn has just taken off like a rocket! Good for her! I'm sure she'll be walking in no time.

Looks like she had a GREAT Christmas. And I hear ya on those toys that make noise! I hear the sounds in my sleep I swear!!!

Brielle said...

Glad to hear that you had a great Christmas. I think every grandparent gives their grandchildren loud toys for paybacks. But kids do seem to love them. I am so glad Quinn is doing so well that has to make you so happy. I was laughing out loud about Dan and Sally. That is pretty funny. Also I loved the picture of your mom asleep with Quinn, I know she probably didn't but it is really cute. When i see pictures of your mom it really makes me miss her. Glad you guys had such a wonderful Christmas with the ones you love.

A. Reenie said...

Michele you did a wonderful job capturing Christmas with your pictures. I'm trying to get my girls get their blogs full of Christmas pictures. They are slow though. Quinn is adorable with her hair all done up - but yeah it doesn't last all day. It was good to see Great-Grandpa Temple too, and your Mom loving be a grandma. I'm glad your brother is being a spoiling fun loving uncle, as it should be. Oh, tell Dan (your husband) to ask Brielle about an experience she had with Dan's (Britt's husband) brother Nathan (he has down's sydrome) when they were both teenagers.I would love to see Sally. Love and miss you.

Momv said...

Well.....I really don't like the pictures of me but only because they really show ALL of me. What I DO love is the time I got to spend with Quinn, Dan, Michele and Richie. Grandparenthood is wonderful.

Lady said...

Love your Christmas pictures!! Quinny couldn't be cuter! I also love your relatives! They really are great people! Sally cracks me up! I was a little scared when I first met Dan's brother Nathan but that's just cuz I hadn't had experience with "special" people! I do much better now! Way to go Quinn for reaching all those mile stone! Keep squatting! :)