Monday, September 10, 2007

Mini Vacation!!!

Quinn spent the weekend with Dad and Annette and Dan and I went to his boss's beach house in Bethany Beach. We had so much fun and so did Quinny! Here are some pictures of the absolutely wonderful weekend :)
Here is a picture of the beach house. It was soooo nice.

Dan and I found some fun toys to play with :)

We found Pokey all here by himself. poor guy hehe

This was the first time that we have left Quinn over night and well, I was a little nervous at first. She had a great time and I am pretty sure that Dad and Annette did too. Thanks Dad and Annette!!!!


Anonymous said...

How nice for you guys to be able to get some time to yourselves. I love grandparents. They are the best. I bet she had a great time with them. It is always so much harder for me to leave my girls than for them to be left. :) Brielle

Anonymous said...

You and Dan are so cute together! I am happy to hear that you had a nice vacation, what a cute beach house! I am sure your parents had a great time with Quinn... Michele, she is so cute, I want her to not grow any more until I see her again!!!!

Anonymous said...

I think the hat you guys are sporting is in this month's issue of Vogue =)
What a smile Quinn has! - cute little teeth! And pretty hair!
I give you props for taking that big step of leaving her overnight. I can't imagine it's easy - but SO worth it for a vacation!!!!!!

Lady said...

Michele - Are you a model? You look fabulous in EVERY picture!!! I am so glad you guys got to go away for the weekend! I bet it was really fun for your dad and Annette. My mom says she likes to have the grandkids around without mom and dad sometimes. She says she gets to develop more of a personal relationship with them.

O family said...

We ended up only being gone for a little more than 24 hours but being away from her, especially at night time, was kind of tough. I totally think it is good for everyone. I mean I remember when I was a kid going up to G&G Von Stettens without mom or dad. Rich and I always had so much fun.

Mom VonStetten said...

I love these pictures. My favorites are the one of Dan with his 'Special' hat on, the one of Pokey on the bench and the one of Michele and Dan taken by Michele. I also like the one of Quinn with her Grandpa VonStetten and the dog. Quinn looks quite comfortable and happy. I'm glad that you two had some time alone.

I love you both and am ready for the birthday bash for Quinny!!!!

Anonymous said...

It looks like you and Dan had a fun time. I love the beach and didn't get there even once this summer. It was so fun to have your family come and celebrate G&G VS 60th anniv. We always love to see you. Michele,I know you don't think Quinny looks like you did as a baby - but I can really see you in her, she is such a doll baby! :)
Love, Aunt Reenie