Monday, September 24, 2007

First time

So Quinn still isn't in love with standing on her legs. She will only do it in her little bouncy seat actually. She also won't "crawl" like normal. She sure can move anywhere that she wants to go though. (by her army crawl) But she did this rocking thing like 3 or 4 times yesterday!! So EXCITING!!! granted it was only for a second or two but it has to start somewhere!!!

It was so sweet when she fell asleep like this the other day. She rolled around in the blanket and started to cuddle with her wipes. haha love her.


Mom V said...

I love these pictures. Quinn is getting ready to move up to the world of crawling. If I 'm not mistaken, Quinn show a perfected Mermaid pose at the end of the video. I can't wait to see her and hold her!!!

Anonymous said...

She is READY to go! I love the's like the big "wind-up"!

That picture of her sleeping in her blanket w/ her wipes is the CUTEST! I love a thumb sucker...AH...too cute!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

cute cute cute! She looks so comfy and content sucking her thumb. I am impressed with her method of transportation :o) She's getting so big and before you know it she'll be running around. What will we do when our babies are on the move??? I think that life as we know it is going to drastically change. Are you ready?

Grandpa & Grandma Von Stetten said...

Quinny is so cute and we think she is growing cuter by the day! These last photos are some of the best! We really think she is a nice blend of you and Dan.

Brielle said...

hey michele very cute pictures of Quinn. Just wanted to let you know i just started a blog. Mine is Brielle

Anonymous said...

ok Michele, I need some more pictures of Quinny!!! I keep checkin and nothin is there.

How's school? Are you taking a full load?

Anonymous said...

Wow...a whole year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
She is really growing up!!
Post some new pictures soon!!
Do I have enough exclamation points???!!!! =)