Monday, April 26, 2010

The Artist

Quinn colored these Princesses the other day. (Ok, all but one of them)
She was VERY proud of the lovely Princesses and even made one to look like her cousin Violet.


Anonymous said...

those are great princess coloring pages! Seriously, where did you get them? i'd love to get some for emma. emma is looking at these photos with me right now and she keeps saying about quinny.. "I like her!"

O family said...

Brinn, I got them at Michael's craft store in the dollar bin area. I bet that you could probably look online and find a blank princess face to print out too!

mj said...

The first two are blank. What happened? Quinn makes me laugh out loud with the funny things she says. I can hear her saying it and then I just start to laugh.Michele, you graduate this month,don't you? When is it?