Monday, December 1, 2008

Good Morning

I had the best alarm clock this morning. Right before my true alarm clock was to go off, I awoke to the sweetest sound in the world. Quinn was sitting in her bed singing. Oh, she has such a cute little voice and she was so happy. After each song she was clapping her hands and saying "yay, goody goody". Man, I have the cutest daughter ever! It is funny because my Aunt Reenie always tells me that I used to do that when I was little. I would sit up tall in my bed super early in the morning and sing out loud and proud. I am glad that Quinn enjoys music just like her Mommy.


Here is a video clip from the other day: Quinn and Daddy playing the "Quin-tar, the Dad-tar or the Big-Tar". Yes, she has three names for it.


emlizalmo said...

I have ears TOO, Quinny. I love you!

Lady said...

AWWW - I love when they sing. Piper tryies so hard to keep up with the big kids but she either doesn't know the words or can't sing fast enough. Today though she was holding open a coloring book and singing her little lungs out - nothing understandable but she was surely diggin it!

Anonymous said...

I certainly do have that picture in my mind even to this day. The sweetest picture in the world. You would spend the night at our house and you always seemed to be the first one awake and you did sit so straight and tall with your beautiful long hair hanging down your back. I would peek in so you wouldn't see me and just listen. What a little darlin you were and are. Love, A. Reenie Wish I could see Quinn sing!

Brielle said...

Thanks for checking in on me. :) I am doing okay. I just feel so busy and when I actually have a minute I feel like I just lay down. I don't know where my blogging time went. But I will find time again hopefully soon. My girls and little man are doing great. And you do have the cutest daughter ever. I love my moms comment to you! Hope you guys are doing well!

Brinn said...

Quinn is going to have a beautiful voice just like her mommy! You sing so well and I remember singing our hearts out together as little girls in the pool.. in the car... in the house... pretty much everywhere and all the time. We were soooo annoying to the other kids!! One day our girls will have to sing together like we did :o)