Friday, June 20, 2008


Dan and I went with a bunch of friends to see Iron Maiden this week. Ok, so even though I might not be their biggest fan, I had so much fun. I knew enough of the songs that I could sing along and even if I didn't... their show was so entertaining. They had fire, smoke, walking "zombie" things that were like 25 feet tall and even fireworks. It was great! Dan is a HUGE Maiden fan and I am so glad that he got to see them... and only about 20 minutes away from our house!
Here is one of the strange people in the crowd...
there were MANY of them.
When it got dark, his horns glowed! haha


Lady said...

I'm not a hard rocker - but I am glad that you were supportive and enjoyed a fun date night with your hubby.

emlizalmo said... guys are hard-core! I bet that was so fun to just let when I went to Def Lepperd (sp?) in college with my super sprayed hair and leopard tights!