Monday, May 5, 2008

some of the reasons

“Infatuation takes your breath away; love takes your fears away.”—anonymous

Tomorrow is Dan and my 2nd Anniversary. I have been so completely blessed to have him as my husband, my partner. It is so hard to think about what to get the perfect husband as a gift. I can’t think of any gadget or article of clothing that would express how much I truly love him. I decided to make a list, a list of the top 10 reasons that I adore him.

1. Dan is my best friend. I get sad when he leaves to go to work in the morning and I spend the rest of the day waiting until he can come back home. Now, I am not saying that I sit around and “wait”, but I find myself looking at the clock and I count down the hours until he will be back.
2. Dan is super funny. He seriously has the best sense of humor. I know that whenever I am down, he will say something that will have me rolling hysterically.
3. Dan is a rock. He has this great calming affect on me. He is constant and secure, loyal and strong. I know that I can always rely on him. This means for emotional support, physical support, mental support, or even just to help with Quinn.
4. Dan is hot! Ok, now you know that I am making a list of things that I love about him and well, if I do say so myself, he is quite a looker!
5. Dan is a GREAT DAD! He is so sweet with Quinn. He loves her and treats her with such respect. He never is too busy to read her a book for the 50th time in an hour. He never complains about how much money I spend on her clothes or how I sometimes pay more attention to her than to him. He plays with Quinn in a way that only dads can and she adores him for it.
6. Dan is a GREAT HUSBAND! I am not trying to brag but I seriously got a keeper! He is so good to me and I honestly feel so lucky to get to spend my life with him. Dan makes me feel beautiful, smart, witty, and loved everyday.
7. Dan puts me in my place. Now, I know what you are thinking, how is this a good thing? Well, I will tell you. I have a tendency to get overwhelmed and worked-up from time to time. I get angry and maybe take things a little over the top. Dan doesn’t let me get too carried away. Not that he is mean to me but he always lets me know when I might be making a bigger deal over things than they really are.
8. Dan supports me. He works 50+ hours a week at an overly stressful job. He does it so that I can stay home with Quinn. He does it so we have a little house to call our own. He does it so I can finish my education and then eventually return to work. Dan had gone through so much recently with his job and well, he is my hero for dealing with it and having such a positive attitude.
9. Dan LOVES me! Yes, this is super important in a marriage. We share such a special love and understanding for each other. It is like we were meant for each other. I think that we are extremely lucky. I appreciate him for who he is and what he does.
10. Dan saved my life and my daughter’s life. Ok, so this one maybe should be number one because it is kind of a big deal, but I would love him just as much if this situation didn’t happen. He is the one that made me go to the hospital when I was just having mild cramps. He is the one that even packed an overnight bag and brought the camera. He is the one that drove us in the pouring rain to the emergency room. He is the one that stayed at the hospital, by my side and sleeping on a bench night after night. He is the one that took a video clip of Quinn the first night for me so I could see my daughter. He is the one that yelled at a nurse after she had been rude to me. He is the one that drove me every night after work to the hospital for a month to get a chance to feed and hold Quinn. He is the one who yelled at another nurse for not responding quickly enough to Quinn’s monitors alarming.
Dan and I were living in a super small apartment in Baltimore city. We knew that it wasn’t super safe or even big enough for a baby, but we planned on moving before she came. Well, she came before she was supposed to and we HAD to find a new place. While I was in the hospital for a week, Dan was with me all night and most of the day. The rest of the time he was finding a new apartment for us and moving our stuff. He did this all while his daughter was in the NICU and his wife was getting a blood transfusion. He knew that I would be stressing out about the logistics of everything and he took care of them before I even could. This one situation sums up how incredible Dan is. It sums up how much I need him and love him.

I could go on forever about how much I honestly, truthful, and deeply love this man.


Brielle said...

Okay that was awesome Michele. I have to admit I got a little teary eyed and he is not even my husband. I am so happy for you and you deserve a man like that. Happy Anniversary to you guys tomorrow! I think your feelings that you wrote down is the best gift, it is far better than a material thing for sure.

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary!! What a beautiful gift to Dan, thank you for sharing it. I think Dan is amazing and I don't know him very well, but am so happy that you have him in your life.

Mom V said...

Michele - you are correct that you got a WONDERFUL husband, but let's not forget that he got a pretty spectacular wife as well. I am so glad that you found each other and took the many risks you did in order to be together. Your card and gift will be late. (what a surprise).

I love you 2 and learn about relationships from you. Good example for me.

Love Mom V

emlizalmo said...

Oh Michele...I am overwhelmed with emotion right now. I love you and how much you love him. Your list is full of things that usually take couples years to develop. He is kind, gentle, supportive...and are passionate, loving, and happy. I love you both. Have a great day.

Amanda said...

I'm with Brielle...#10 got me a little teary eyed. What a guy! Can't wait to meet him one of these days!

So funny how our Anniversarys are just days apart - AND how we both honeymooned in Hilton Head!!!!

mj said...

Oh my goodness,that was beautiful,and I know it came from your heart.I know also that he feels the same way about you. Love is wonderful,and a few of us really lucky ones have it around us every day.Isn't it graet?

laurag said...

I could have sworn I already left my comment about this...we'll give it another go. Michele, I hope Dan't had a chance to read this. Everything you wrote is absolutely beautiful and more valuable than any expensive gift. Hope you were able to really enjoy your anniversary.

Lady said...

I am behind on checking blogs - But what a tribute!! I am so happy that you have a fabulous marraige - it really makes life worth living. And I am totally jealous of all the great pictures you have with each other. My Dan and I hardly have any pictures and we've been married almost 13 years!