Thursday, February 14, 2008

Sweet Sixteen!

So Quinn turned 16 months old and Dan and I decided to have a sweet sixteen party for her. We only got her one gift. She was so excited for it. We got Quinn a barbie. Now I know that she is young, but one of her older friends has one and Quinn LOVES it. So we got her one without any small pieces.

This clip is of Quinn DANCING! she Loves to dance

This is her: LOOK WHAT I AM DOING!!! SOO EXCITED -face

We have been working on climbing the stairs with the physical therapist. Unfortunately Quinn had a small fall on them the other night. She is 100% ok though so that is good! It was her first real fall. I think that it scared us more than her. (although she did have a good size knot for a night or two)


This is Quinn's new favorite play spot. Boy oh Boy how fun it is to play with DINO-MAGNETS!


Mom V said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you for posting these pictures and the video. Quinn may look like Dan, but she is ultra exciteable like YOU. I love the way she squeels when she dances. Her look at me face is priceless and I agree that she must love her Barbie very much. Do you think she would like your old doll Bobbie? She can hang onto her and still have something soft. Let me know and I can mail her to you.

Lady said...

She is such a doll baby! Her stinker face looks like her daddy - no offense Dan! I agree that stairs are scary. Piper has had a few falls and a few bruises but it's nice once they get it and you don't have to worry so much. I love her green jammies too. Piper has those same kind - Carters with the polka dot trim on the sleeves and neck- but her's are purple with birds instead of flowers. They are so soft.

Brielle said...

I loved the video of her dancing. It is so funny how much music can excite little kids. My girls get the same way. When I put on some music they stop what ever they are doing and start having a dance party. I love the stinker face too. Happy sixteen months Quinn!!

Amanda said...

CUTIE!!! Michelle she is doing so GREAT! She looks like a pro standing at the fridge! And climbing stairs! It might be "bye bye" physical therapy soon! Go Quinn!!
And the girl's got some moves! Rock it out Quinn!!

Anonymous said...

Wow! that girl can dance and sing too I might add. Did you trim her hair? It looks a little shorter. Happy sweet 16 mos. Quinn. She is growing up too fast ):

Anonymous said...

That anonymous comment was mine. Love, Aunt Reenie