Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Little Quinny Mini!!!!

ok so we got the results from Quinn's CT. She has benign hydrocephalus in the front of her brain. Our Dr called a pediatric neurologist at Hopkins and he looked at Quinn's CT and said that the amount of fluid is not that bad and that she should be fine. We do have to keep on monitoring her head circumference and if it gets worse, we will take action. It is great though that it is only a little fluid on the front of her brain and not all over (or not a tumor)! We also need to keep monitoring her progress and development. If her development slows down or stops, we will need to make sure that her hydrocephalus hasn't gotten worse.

on a sad side, Quinn's ear infection just won't go away. She has been on 4 different antibiotics and it still will not go away. (it did stain two of her beautiful little teeth yellow though) Our Dr doesn't want to just keep her on such strong med.s so we are going to see and ENT in the next 2 weeks. So over all, life is great!!!!


Amanda said...

SO happy to hear that there is no major issue with her head! We'll pray the hydrocephalus just goes away completely!

We'll also pray for her poor ears. Hopefully the ENT will have a solution!!!

Thanks for posting the update! I'm sure a lot of people are anxious to hear.

Hugs to Quinn!!!!!

Lady said...

We're happy to hear the good news at our house too. Also Slater had one of those ear infections from August til December. The poor kid was MISERABLE and they put in tubes in his ears in mid December and now he's a different kid!!!!! Hope she's gets better!!

Brielle said...

Wow Michele, it just seems like one thing after another for poor Quinn. I am glad it wasn't anything major with her head, but hopefully that hydrocephalus will go away. Does it usually just go away on its own? And about how long does it last?
Poor Quinn and her ears. Slater my nephew had to get tubes in his ears because his ear infection lasted 2 months. Sorry about her teeth. At least it is her baby teeth. I had that happen to my 2 bottom middle ones. They turned yellow when I was really sick but it stained my permanent ones coming in. No big worries though, they bonded them and now they look like the rest. We will keep you guys in our prayers, hope they can find some relief for poor Quinn soon. Keep us updated.

mom v said...

Quinn is such a fighter. Glad she is since she has had to fight for everything in her short life. I love her so much and hope she continues on her path of development and becomes all that she can be!

Love you all.........mom

A. Reenie said...

I'm happy to hear Quinn is doing well. We'll continue to keep her in our prayers as well as you and Dan because I know most often it is hardest on the Moms and Dads. Slater had the same thing with his ears and after getting tubes in his ears he has an appetite once again and is a happy little guy.