Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Crazy Busy Weekend!

Dan, Quinn and I had such a fun, but busy weekend.

We went to PopPop's 80th birthday party.

Then we all went and visited our Grandma and Grandpa O. They were up visiting from Texas!

Next, we had a sleep over with Julia, Violet and Aden!


brielle said...

Sounds like you guys had a good time. It looks like Quinn got lots of attention. :)

Lady said...

Quinn just looks like one of the big kids! She looks like she has so much personality. And what's with her totally cute wardrobe? She's dressed in the cutest outfits in all your posts. Also her eyes look SOOO blue in these photos - not fair!! Pipers are totally turning hazel. YOU look as photogenic as ever. Glad you had fun with family. Your MAN didn't look too bad either!! ;)

Anonymous said...

fun party and family get together. I think that Quinn is the happiest baby, she must have been the center of attention! I love love love that outifit she is wearing. All her clothes are adorable, where do you get them? You look beautiful and radiant now as you did back then, I love your smile!